CES Masterclass: Micro Hydro for Communities

22/07/2021 10am-11:30am

A Community Energy South Masterclass event - click here to register

Why do a small scale hydro project?

If your community has a river running through it, an abandoned water mill or a local weir, it's worth considering a micro hydro project.

Unlike solar and wind projects, hydro projects are for the most part predictable and generate electricity during the day and night and at all times of the year.

There are thousands of potential sites for new smallscale hydropower schemes in England and Wales which could generate useful amounts of electricity, with minimal environmental impact.

Micro hydro schemes, typically generate up to 50 kilowatts (kW), can power several homes, farms or business units.

Developing a community owned Hydro project is less common than the default roof top solar or heat pump projects carried out by many community groups.

Development and lead in can be time consuming and finding a working business model a challenge.

However communities have created micro hydro projects and across the country schemes can be seen at:


The River Rea




This masterclass will share a case study from a recently constructed micro hydro project, as well as expertise from the Environment Agency and the British Hydropower association.

Come and join our session to assess whether a hydro project might be a way forward for your community or share your expertise with others.