Community Energy - how can SP Energy Networks facilitate this sector to help it flourish?

26/02/2021 10am

What the event will cover: 

  • How can SP Energy Networks best support individuals and their communities to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by net zero?
  • High-level findings of engagement and research with community energy organisations, customers and stakeholders and why this area is so important for SP Energy Networks as a distribution network operator
  • The opportunities and barriers communities have experienced across GB and check if you think there are any others to consider
  • SP Energy Networks' draft proposals of activities they could undertake over the next five years to best support local energy opportunities
  • Your feedback on whether these proposals feel ambitious enough and if you think SP Energy Networks need to add more or make changes
  • Prioritising the proposals based on your views on how SP Energy Networks should focus their activities and related bill-payer funding.

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