Connection Customers Steering Panel meeting - Local Authorities and Community Groups

06/10/2020 10.30 - 12.30

SSEN will be giving updates on Networks, Connections and ICE (Incentive on Connections Engagement).

This webinar will enable discussions around the prioritisation of the commitments that affect Local Authorities and Community Energy Groups and will encourage feedback from SSEN'S stakeholders to highlight what is important to them.

The aim of the CCSP meetings is to encourage stakeholders to engage directly with the senior leadership team and for SSEN to listen, prioritise and act on feedback. SSEN have an interesting agenda which includes updates from Networks, Connections and ICE. Their Expert Panel will be highlighted and SSEN will be hosting sessions on the Connections Journey and Future Commitments as well as including stakeholders in a ‘prioritisation of feedback received’ exercise.

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