Energy Pricing & Local Electricity Bill

06/10/2022 10:00 - 12:00pm

Join CES as they look into how electricity pricing works and how that impacts our energy bills.

Leave understanding a little more about the UK electricity market, for both consumers and business, what impact renewables have on that market and if there is a space for community energy groups to find a way to ensure better outcomes for local communities. Plus the role of the local electricity bill in all of this - and actions you can take to support it.

Speakers include:

Electricity Markets, and how electricity pricing works, Dr Mark Earthey, energy trader & financial risk manager of Maitland Consulting

Local Electricity Bill: How to free up more community owned renewable projects, Steve Shaw, Director, Power for People

Energy Local Clubs: Matching local generators with local customers via community clubs and electricity suppliers. How the system works and impact of gas crunch. Amy Charnley-Parry, Energy Local

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