Ethex Cuppa Club with People Powered Retrofit

22/09/2021 1pm-1:45pm

Join Ethex, with People Powered Retrofit for a cuppa and a chat to learn more about this extraordinary organisation that’s currently raising funds via a community share offer on the Ethex platform.

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People Powered Retrofit is a service designed to help households source reliable retrofit services, creating greener, more energy-efficient homes in Greater Manchester. Homes are responsible for about 20% of the UK’s carbon emissions and in the run-up to COP 26, more and more people are becoming aware of the need for us to make changes to cut our carbon footprints. Over the past two years, People Powered Retrofit has worked with households to retrofit their homes, installing energy-efficient features and training buiilders to up-skill and meet the demand for this service.

The organisation has big plans for the future and want to expand to enable the roll-out of the retrofit service across the UK, through the development of software to help assess homes and recommend solutions. In this way, People Powered Retrofit will be able to reach thousands of more homes, helping owners cut their CO2 emissions, helping the UK towards its net-zero targets.

We’ll be speaking to Jonathan Atkinson, of People Powered retrofit and Carbon Coop, who will give an overview of what they have achieved so far, their values and goals for the future. We will also explain how people can invest to support them via their share offer, to help them grow and reach more homes while targeting a financial return of 5%.