Fuel Poverty Awareness Course

23/06/2021 12.00 - 16.30

Millions of households in the UK live in fuel poverty yet very few people understand the scale and severity of this complex issue. Each winter thousands of people die as a direct result of being unable to afford to heat their homes. The list of mental and physical health issues caused or exacerbated by fuel poverty makes for depressing reading, and as we head into winter in these difficult times the problem is set to worsen.

Our Fuel Poverty Awareness course sets out to give front line workers a working knowledge of the causes and signs of fuel poverty, as well as providing them with a toolkit of practical advice and measures that they can use to help their clients. We aim to keep the flow upbeat and engaging, despite the troubling subject matter.

The course lasts around three and a half hours including breaks, is completely free, and is run by our two highly qualified and experienced trainers.

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