Learnings from Heat the Streets (with Kensa Utilities)

16/06/2023 12-1pm

Heat the Streets is a pilot study to demonstrate that GSHPs can be retrofitted to domestic properties without the need for a ‘fabric first’ approach, at scale and with reduced upfront cost to the customer. It demonstrates the approach to mass, street-by-street roll-out of GSHPs in a networked, coordinated fashion.

Over its two-year duration, the project has connected ground source heating systems to Shared Ground Loop Arrays, a communal network of underground pipework that will extract renewable heat via boreholes, in new and existing homes across Cornwall and will, once installed, the boreholes are visually unobtrusive, providing a reliable heat source all year-round.

The ground source heat pumps will provide 100% of the properties’ heating and hot water, meaning that residents will no longer use carbon intensive oil or LPG fossil fuels. Using freely available and naturally replenished heat energy stored just below the surface of the ground, the heat pumps can achieve higher efficiencies than any other heating system.

As the project draws to an end this is an opportunity to hear from Lisa Treseder, Kensa Utilities' Director of Business Development as she discusses the project from it's inception through to delivery and Kensa's future plans for the deployment of GSHPs.

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