How To Best Support Vulnerable Clients In The Current Energy Costs Crisis?

28/10/2021 1-3pm

A year ago some of us community energy advisors met and spoke with each other about how to reach vulnerable clients in a lockdown. Could we have imagined it would be even worse on domestic energy pricing for those people a year later?

As you know, we are in a energy costs crisis. Community energy advisors cannot recommend switching information at the moment, so what to be done? Which are the most effective ways to advise people now? Energy efficiency behaviour change? Income maxisamation in partnerships with other local agencies? Refering for ECOflex or GHG LAD grants? DIY measures workshops? Home visits? Telephone based advice? Energy advice cafes? Small measurements installation programs? Or all of them? Is switching still relevant if a new tariff can be found if the Warm Homes Discount and the current supplier doesn't offer it? Or moving off a prepayment meter? Let's put our knowhow, ideas and experience together to get clarity on these matters.

Come to this open agenda event to talk with, hear from, share with and learn from other energy advisors in how to help people in our communities now.

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The latest price cap has come in. This is the new reality:

*1 month ago*
Energy price cap £1,138/yr
Cheapest fix £1,177/yr
(typical usage)

Energy price cap £1,277/yr
Cheapest fix £1,700/yr

Is this an 'opportunity' to focus more on energy efficiency or just clear, reassuring messages about suppliers going bust or to reiterate the health risks of cold homes? Will energy champions and advisors have to refocus on energy efficiency behaviour change, small measures, larger measures plus income maximisation, other price and practical support avenues, dealing with energy debt and stuff like that. It is pretty dire already with the universal credit £20 uplift being removed, the end of furlough, redundancies, the debacle of the Green Homes Grant and so many suppliers going bust and a lot of fear out there about put the heating on, when so many vulnerable people don't realise that it is risking respiratory and cardiovascular health issues. Last and not least, it is particular heinous as those are the main targets of the COVID19 virus. It is going to be a hard winter for a lot of people. How can community energy advisors best help those affected?

Meantime we are waiting for more details how the £500m will ACTUALLY reach vulnerable households via local authorities as per:


This open-space style setting offers some time, space, and a process whereby you can hear, share and develop ideas to help reach the most vulnerable in our communities. Come and network with others like you who care about helping people and planet via quality, friendly and impartial energy advice. 
Many of us have switched from workshops, home visits, pop-up energy advice desks, other in-person events and energy advice cafes to telephone, WhatsApp, text and Zoom advice sessions. These bring their own challenges, like the loss of non-verbal communication cues such as body language. Let alone trying to cut through then noise of all of the social media, websites, blogs, newsletters, leaflets and other forms of connecting with people. What about those who are digitally excluded? How do we effectively reach them? Or has the experience build up in the last year solved this?

Let's harness the collective intelligence of the community energy community to find solutions that work!

This event is open to all energy advisors, facilitators, programme managers, health workers, charity volunteers, home visitors, debt advisors or anyone working in community energy settings or other shared values organisations. We welcome other energy advisor members to join us from around the UK. The only thing you need in order to take part is curiosity and a desire to invent a better future for us all!

Not got a question, but keen to debate the future with some project workers, new volunteers, alongside seasoned veterans doing this work? That’s great too. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

PLEASE keep your eyes peeled for any extra helpful info on any of this people, and share info here as we need the hive mind resource to get as much helpful info to people, especially as winter is coming. Join our Facebook group to talk about such things: