LEDing the Way

22/06/2021 18.30 - 20.30

Community Renewables Wandsworth (CREW) pioneered the community financed LED retrofit work with exemplary projects on the Doddington Estate and DEVAS. In 2019 SE24 in partnership with South East London Community Energy (SELCE) were awarded funding through the London Community Energy Fund to develop a programme to develop a model for community financed LED Retrofit Projects in Southwark and Lewisham, which was supported and mentored by CREW. As a result, SE24 and SELCE have been working on the development of six community financed LED projects with a further two Southwark sites being awarded capital grant funding for LED retrofit.

With support from Community Energy London, they are holding two workshops that will equip community energy groups and community buildings with the knowhow to develop their own LED retrofit projects. The format of the workshops will be as follows:

Workshop 1 - Feasibility of retrofitting a community building with LED lighting

This will be open to all and we particular encourage building owners / facilities managers to attend. This workshop will give an overview of:

• LEDs technologies and their benefits

• Building considerations e.g. energy consumption, building usage, access etc

• LED fittings - most common fittings and what's possible, sensors etc

• How to conduct a lighting survey

• Basic financial model - costs, payback etc

• Sources of funding / finance (including through community energy groups)

Workshop 2 - Developing community LED projects

The second workshop is targeted specifically at community energy groups and will assume a basic level of understanding about LED lighting projects. We therefore recommend groups attend the first workshop as well. This workshop will cover:

• What makes a good candidate building?

• What is the offering / business model?

• Engaging with buildings and potential customers

• Lighting services agreement and other legal templates

• A deep dive into financial model

• Case studies

We would like this workshop to be as interactive as possible therefore numbers will be limited.

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