Leveling up London: a how-to guide for organisations tackling fuel poverty (Session 2)

20/06/2022 6:30 - 8pm
Online (Zoom)

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About this event

We need to transform our energy system, not just to tackle climate change but also to address the inequalities that exist.. We know you have seen the horrific headlines about the cost of living crisis and the climate emergency so we won't bang on about facts and stats here but fundementally more people than ever before now cannot afford to pay for the electricity and gas to heat their homes. With the right kind of help, households can slash their energy bills by accessing grants and discounts to reduce bills and improve the energy efficiency of their homes. This programme aims to support your community group to get going with project work that will enable your community group to start providing the right kind of help

This programme is for community groups or voluntary organisatons who want to host a project in their local area that provides practical support and guidance for those living in fuel poverty. You’ll hear from two community energy practitioners who have “been there” and “done that” and won awards for their pioneering work tackling energy inequalities. It will help you create something right for your group and your area.

Come along to these learning events on Zoom. This compact learning program of 2 two online learning sessions. These covers the fundamentals of planning, funding and delivering an impactful fuel poverty alleviation project. Please note these are not energy advisor training sessions (though we will cover material relating to how to get trained as an advisor); they focus on supporting your group or social enterprise to develop a fuel poverty alleviation strand to your work.

If your group can find funding there is an option to build on these sessions via opportunities to apply for further via peer-to-peer mentoring and training.

What will be covered in this session:

Session 2: Is it for you? 

Does it fit with your groups mission and values

Competitor analysis and geographical incidence of fuel poverty

Requisite policies, procedures, insurances

Gettting the requisite qualifications, skills and experience

Data collection and data management

Feeling YOUR way: top tips for identifying the best way to meet need in your community.

Your facilitators and peer mentors Dr Giovanna Speciale is CEO of Selce, Director of CEL and Retrofit Works and Alex Hartley is Co-founder of Selce and voluntary Director for Crew Energy, GCDA and Coops London and together they have nearly of 30 years of relevant experience.