National Grid – Net Zero Communities Online Forum

07/03/2024 14:00 - 16:00
Online- Zoom

This online forum, run as part of our work with National Grid to support the community energy sector, is an open event for all individuals, local authorities, and groups involved or interested in helping achieve net zero within their local area.

This first session of the year will focus on recent changes in the world of energy markets, including:
• A focus on the potential big changes being brought through by the Review of Energy Market Arrangements (REMA) process.
• The relevance to community energy organisations of REMA and other recent changes and innovations within energy markets.
• Plenty of time for questions and answers with the experts presenting within the session.

This event is open to any individual regardless of their level of experience in the sector.

We recognize the range of organisations and groups interested in the net zero transition and therefore endeavor to make all of our sessions accessible to everyone.

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