Parishes, Communities and Solar Farms - working together

17/06/2021 10.00 - 11.30

At Community Energy South's last event, many parish councillors expressed a desire to know how their parishes could benefit from solar farm developments in their area.

This short webinar will give local authorities and communities more information about how to work with solar developers to ensure best outcomes for local communities:

Many solar farm developers are keen to work with local communities, but have difficulties finding ways to meet the demands of the project development with the resources that they can locate in local communities.

We hope this webinar will resource community activists, councillors and others to get best prepared so they can invest in and benefit from local solar farms.

"Community Solar ownership - a developer's perspective : What is needed for the community to invest" - James Hartley-Bond, Low Carbon

"Localism Bill, and the social power of local authorities" - Speaker TBC

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