Retrofit Assessment & Planning Tools, Training & Skills

13/06/2023 1-3pm
Online (Zoom)

Retrofitting homes for energy efficiency and carbon emissions reduction is a topic that both galvanises and frustrates many in the community energy sector. Government’s apparent inability to tackle the information campaign and the supply chain shortages has prompted many community energy groups around the country to think about how they can contribute to solving the problem of our inefficient homes.

With speakers from established groups providing retrofit alongside companies providing technology and solutions which provide retrofitted measures to make homes warmer, more comfortable and less carbon intense, this two-hour session will include the following content:

  • Part 1: Monika Jerszynska from People Powered Retrofit - How to start a community retrofit service (10 minutes)
  • Part 2: Russell Smith from Parity Projects - The Retrofit Process from Assessment to Delivery (10 minutes)
  • Part 3: Nigel Donohue from IAA - Getting your people trained (10 minutes)
  • Part 4: Justin Bear from PEC - lessons learned in retrofit delivery in collaboration with the council (10 mins)
  • Part 5: Sara Grimes from BWCE - a steep learning curve in community-based retrofit: top tips from a recent start-up (10 mins)
  • Part 6: Home Assessment Survey Tools - Mike Andrews from First Thermal, Stewart Little from IRT Surveys, Tom Gregory from Air Leakage Testing, Scott Fairbairn from ThermaFY (30 mins)
  • Part 7: Q&A - 20-30 mins

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