The Time is Now Virtual Lobby of your MP

30/06/2020 all day
Online. Please use the briefing document to contact your MP to join the lobby on behalf of community energy

Last year 12,000 people met their MPs. It is vital that we harness MPs (especially Tory MPs) to be champions for community energy at Westminster.

Please register to lobby your MP online on Thursday 30 June for people and communities (and community energy!) to be at the centre of energy, net zero and green recovery policy and community energy to be supported as essential to getting the consent, trust and participation of the people in the urgent energy transition. 

Below is a briefing document for you to use, if you want, as part script, part reference document. It includes a suggested email to your MP. You can find out your MPs email address here. Please see also our very short Parliamentary Briefing at and the Open Letter to the Prime Minister asking for a support package for community energy at

Please use the amazing local work you are doing to convince and inspire your MP that community energy is bringing irreplaceable benefit to their constituents and deserves government support.