Zero Carbon Communities - What action can communities take?

26/03/2021 10.00-12.00

This is an Electricity North West engagement event in partnership with the North West Local Energy Hub aimed at communities.

Community level action is key for the UK to meet the net-zero target and many communities have already started to work together to take local action. This event will provide information on what local areas and communities can do to start their journey towards net-zero.

Electricity North West is working with the North West Local Energy Hub to deliver this event as part our commitment to help transform our communities and lead the North West to zero carbon.

The aim of this event is to help with ideas, inspiration and practical advice on how to get community level projects started and what they can aim to achieve.

This event is for anyone working within their local community either in a personal, voluntary capacity or as a professional with organisations such as local authorities, parish councils or a business.


Session 1 Why Net Zero and Why Should Communities take action?

Speakers will talk about how community level action can contribute towards net-zero targets and provide case study examples of how both rural and urban communities are taking action now.

Session 2 What support is there for communities who want to take action?

In this session speakers will talk about the available support for communities including the Rural Grant for Community Energy, the role of Community Energy England and how Electricity North West is supporting community and local energy.

Speakers include:


Carbon Coop

Community Energy South

Community Energy England

Cumbria Action For Sustainability

Local Energy Hub

Electricity North West