Community Energy Fortnight Resources

We have produced a range of resources to help you get involved with Community Energy Fortnight - these are you now available to download from this page.

Get involved 

To get you started please download our Comms Toolkit for useful guidance and tips for getting involved in this year's #EmpowerCommunityEnergy campaign. 

Create a Video 

We are asking our Fortnight Partners to make a short video to #EmpowerCommunityEnergy. Tell a story about what has been achieved so far and give them a sense of what support your organisation would need to fulfil its potential.

Find out more in our Create a Video Toolkit


This Community Energy Fortnight we are encouraging you to organise local events or online events to help share expertise across the sector and engage with local politicians and local people about the potential of community energy and how it can transform the UK’s energy system for the better. 

If your organisation has a desire to organise an #EmpowerCommunityEnergy event, but you’re not sure where to start, this Organise an event toolkit will help you get started. 

Please tell us about any ways you plan to get involved and get connected with Community Energy Fortnight. We look forward to hearing about what activities you have planned and how you will be empowering community energy in your local communities.

Submit your event

Please submit your events and we will make sure your events are visible for everyone to see! Your events will be featured on the CEF web page, as well as in our regular newsletter to stakeholders.

If you're intrigued to find out what events are already running, please head over to the CEF web page. 

Social Media

We hope you will use the hashtags #CEF2024 and #EmpowerCommunityEnergy to connect with other community energy enthusiasts via social media. Please hold plenty of channel space on X/ Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media channels throughout the fortnight.

Community Energy Fortnight offers a real opportunity to increase the visibility of community energy leading up to the general election! This Social Media Toolkit will help you to spread the message of the fantastic work being undertaken by community energy practitioners and their supporters. 

#EmpowerCommunityEnergy is our rallying cry for the election! Social media is a crucial tool for engaging the public and by extension politicians - effective comms now could result in big benefits for the sector after the election (for more information, see our Election 2024 page).

Community Energy England has worked with partners to secure pledges of significant financial support for community energy from major parties, which would genuinely #EmpowerCommunityEnergy. See our summary of what they’re offering here.

Please build up your activity on X (formerly known as Twitter) and other social media channels up to and throughout Community Energy Fortnight. Please engage your members, supporters, followers and friends to amplify your message


If you're not social media savvy or you want to tell the world about what you’re working on, why not write a blog and we'll post it on our website! 

  • What learning has your organisation gone through? 
  • How can the community energy sector do things differently in the future, and what needs to change? Use examples of your organisation's impact and achievements. 

Blogs can be anything from 300 to 800 words. If you are interested, please get in touch with us to discuss what you would like to write about, and what your key messages are. 

For all Community Energy Fortnight inquiries please contact Kim Woodcock.

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