Executive Director

The Climate Coalition Flexible (remote working with occasional days in London). £69,000 FTE (full-time equivalent)

The Climate Coalition (TCC) sits in a unique position within the climate sector and they are excited about building from where they are currently and maximising the potential of the coalition.

They know that to do this successfully and really achieve impact will require a willingness to challenge their current approach and be prepared to take calculated risk. They aren’t fixated on finding a Director who fits a narrow, specific mould: maybe you are a campaigner, a social entrepreneur or a grassroots organiser, or you have a background working in a movement building or influencing position within an NGO, and/or you know about politics and democratic life and how movement building can best influence decision-making at government level.

They don’t need you to have deep technical expertise in climate or nature - theirmembers provide that.

What’s more important to them is that they are looking for someone who feels the importance of this work, who has high expectations of what the voice of civil society can achieve and who is both dedicated to building alliances and also prepared to help them get to decisions that won't be popular with everyone in order to preserve our values and our focus.

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