Community Wind Bond Offer


Is community wind dead? Not if we have anything to do with it!

The Small Wind Co-op is actively working on new post-subsidy farm-scale turbine projects. In order to have enough clout to make new sites work, they are also expanding by acquiring operational turbines where appropriate. 

SWC is currently raising £450,000 through a bond offer to buy an existing 225 kW turbine in County Durham to join its existing fleet of 3 turbines in Scotland and Wales. SWC is offering a 4.5% return on investment and they have a 'free bonds' offer to early applicants.

SWC director Jon Hallé said

'Rather than spending money on third-party advertising, we thought we'd give incentives to our supporters and ask people to share the news about our bond offer. It's working pretty well – we are over half way. We've had a great response from people who share our wish to keep building community wind power whatever the powers that be throw at us! As of today our free bonds offer is still available for the next 30 applicants'.

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