Local community energy organisation contributes benefit fund to both local and international causes


Sheffield Renewables recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) was a milestone for both the organisation and the city. It was the first time that members had the opportunity to vote on how to spend the organisation’s Community Benefit Fund, an annual pot of money raised through the income secured from their solar photovoltaic schemes electricity generation.

Members voted to use the Community Benefit Fund to benefit 2 organisations, one local and one international. At the local level £3,000 ​has been donated to South Yorkshire Energy Centre (SYEC) to further support their efforts to tackle fuel poverty by enabling them to work with an additional 100 households in Sheffield. Shelly Davis, from SYEC thanked Sheffield Renewables for the kind donation from Sheffield Renewables, saying the donation “will help some of the most vulnerable consumers to save energy, save money on energy bills, keep the house warm and families well”.