Solarplicity looking for households in fuel poverty to give free solar PV


Solarplicity Overview  

 A renewable energy specialist, Solarplicity is disrupting the energy market. This is how it works:

  • Instead of confusing tariffs, hidden costs and standing charges, a Fair Market Price is fixed for 12 months. The price will always be cheaper than the average ‘Big Six’ energy providers.
  • If a customer finds a cheaper electricity price, Solarplicity will match it for 30 years.
  • ‘Pay As You Go’ customers are not discriminated against; they pay the same prices as those using Direct Debit. PAYG customers are more likely to be affected by fuel poverty yet are routinely charged an additional 20% by the ‘Big Six’.
  • Solarplicity just launched a £1bn scheme to install solar energy panels and reduce crippling energy bills for people living in social housing in England and Wales.
  • Anyone can choose to use Solarplicity, as a licenced electricity supplier, the company can supply cheap and renewable energy directly to any home across the UK without the need to install solar panels first.

 Campaign Overview

Solarplicity are on a mission to end fuel poverty. Our first step on this journey is focusing on the elderly, often the most vulnerable when it comes to the winter. Our campaign looks to use comedy to highlight a real issue, and by encouraging consumers to share the message; they will be donating energy to an elderly person living in fuel poverty.

The campaign will launch with a Press Release and Radio day, which will be fronted by our celebrity ambassador Sherrie Hewson – the objective is to raise awareness of Solarplicity mission, in partnership with Community Energy England.

The second stage of the campaign is where we will post shareable social media content. Within these videos, our nans (who are fronting the campaign) will give the power to our viewers, asking simply for people to like or share the video to donate energy to another household. 100 likes = 1 household helped out of fuel poverty.

To finalise the campaign, we are creating a wrap-up film where we show the installation of solar panels and the positive impact it will have on households.

Identifying households

We need the help of Community Energy England members to identify worthy households for Solarplicity to install solar panels on. This will be completely free of charge and drastically reduce their electricity bills, helping to out of fuel poverty.

Criteria of beneficiaries 

  • Aged 65+
  • Household must classify as living in fuel poverty. Fuel poverty in England is measured using the Low Income High Costs (LIHC) indicator. Under the LIHC indicator, a household is considered to be fuel poor if:
    • they have required fuel costs that are above average (the national median level)
    • were they to spend that amount, they would be left with a residual income below the official poverty line
  • Homeowners or tenants that have permission for solar panels to be installed on their roof
  • Willingness and availability to be filmed within the next two weeks

Installation process

If you think you have a suitable venue, please contact the information provided at the bottom. Once selected and agreed the installation team at Solarplicity will manage all the logistics to ensure that the local residents benefit from the point of selection. It should be an excellent opportunity to give back to the community. 

Once installed, although being extremely efficient and low maintenance, the tenants will also receive ongoing operation and maintenance with the highest levels of customer service, like any other Solarplicity customer.

Timings and filming dates

The deadline for suggestions is the end of next week 17th November, with filming anticipated for some time in the following two weeks before 1st December.  

Process for suggestions

If you would like to suggest a possible household, please contact If you have any further questions at all, or are unsure of whether a location you suggest may fit the requirements, please contact him on 0777 614 6453.