Co-op Community Energy launched in 2011 and over half of our customers are co-operative members and we’re the first major British energy supply business to be co-operatively owned. We are proud to be part of The Midcounties Co-operative, the largest independent co-operative in the UK.

Why we’re proud to be different

Our dual fuel and single fuel tariffs don’t just offer value for money, but we put our principles before profit. That means only making decisions with you in mind and always offering fair prices.

We were also the first big-name supplier to start rolling our customers onto a new fixed price tariff when their existing fixed rate comes to an end (rather than allowing them to drop onto an expensive variable rate deal), leading the industry into protecting customer’s prices.

Community energy

From our inception, a primary aim has been to facilitate the expansion of community energy generation projects. Via power purchase agreements we provide a secure market for community energy, and have numerous agreements in place with community energy projects. We support projects ranging from co-operatives through to charitable trusts and crowd-sourced debt offerings and also support technologies include wind, solar PV and hydroelectric.