CEE is governed by its Articles of Association and its Bye Laws.

The primary objects for which the company is established are to promote; accelerate the development of; and create new opportunities for community energy in England and the United Kingdom, by:

  • Helping the establishment of community energy initiatives inter alia by providing access to the expertise of established community energy organisations and others
  • Creating new opportunities for community renewable energy and energy efficiency projects by working with both commercial and public sectors to develop successful delivery partnerships
  • Providing a voice for community energy organisations in making inputs to policy and regulation, working in collaboration with others and independently
  • Disseminating the achievements of the sector, mentoring, providing best practice materials and providing a forum for community energy enterprises to collaborate, become more professional, and achieve continuous improvement
  • Providing a network within which community energy organisations can maximise their outreach when seeking membership, funding and other inputs for their projects.