Membership benefits for public and third sector members

  • CEE’s work with government adds another strong voice for a more supportive policy infrastructure for local energy generation and energy efficiency
  • We can help you formulate strategies to develop your own energy projects and support sustainable energy activities by communities and housing associations in your area
  • We advise participants in community and shared ownership projects on ways to maximise the local input and job creation opportunities
  • We create and share notes from our events exclusively with our members
  • Public sector members also benefit from our understanding of the needs of communities in order to build more effective community partnerships
  • The community energy sector is one of the fastest growing parts of the UK’s energy market. Most of the most experienced participants are CEE members.

Sounds good – where do we join?

If community energy is an important aspect of your activities, CEE is an invaluable network and people will expect you to be a member. Most of the most experienced participants in the sector are already CEE members.

CEE is recognised as the representative body to represent the community energy sector. We pro-actively develop new strategic approaches and have a significant influence on national policy development.

Community Energy England builds partnerships between community, commercial and public sector organisations. In particular, we can help communities join shared ownership projects.

All members benefit from discounts on our own events, and many other events too. They receive our frequent newsletters, and have their own newsshare offers and planning applications supported and publicised on social media and elsewhere.

Our standard annual public and third sector membership fee is £500.

Principal Supporters

For those members who wish to contribute to and engage with CEE’s work further, we offer a Principal Supporter package for a fee of £5,000. Please see here for more information on this package.