Major utility companies have woken up to the fact that community energy has a critical role to play in the future energy mix. We’re seeing more and more major companies seeking to work together with us so that community energy can access the opportunities and income streams offered by the changing energy landscape.

UK Power Networks and Community Energy England (CEE) are working with the regional hubs of Community Energy EastCommunity Energy London and Community Energy South to understand the needs of community energy groups across London, the East and South East of England. This is a different project to our annual national State of the Sector Report, but where we have organisation specific data from this, we will prefill responses to surveys for organisations completing this regional project. 

Scene Connect has conducted a survey on our behalf to identify the range of activities being undertaken as well as key regional challenges and opportunities.

Through this survey, we aim to:

  • Find out what needs to happen for community energy to access the opportunities and overcome barriers presented by the fast-growing market for flexible energy services;
  • Ensure UK Power Network’s vision and strategy for a smart grid for all is aligned with the needs of community energy customers and stakeholders;
  • Influence public policy and the ongoing work of communities to enable and develop new low carbon energy projects.

The survey will be a testbed for future regional reports to be developed as part of the England & Wales annual State of the Sector report. Responses will also go towards the England & Wales State of the Sector survey, thus reducing the time needed to take part in the national survey.

This project will result in a regional State of the Sector report being produced from the results of the survey. Groups will be able to use this report to increase understanding of the role of community energy and to inform their work. Copies will also be sent to key stakeholders across the region.

This report will be published shortly.