UK Power Networks is the District Network Operator (DNO) for more than eight million homes and businesses across London, the South East and East of England.

UK Power Networks will become the first electricity network operator to run a consultation in partnership with Community Energy England so that it can understand more about the regional needs and aspirations of community groups. UK Power Networks launched a dedicated section for community energy on its website on 5 July.

UK Power Networks will offer its support to community energy groups who have an important role to play in the low carbon transition. About 60 community energy groups in the areas served by UK Power Networks are already helping to transform the generation, distribution use of energy in local communities. This represents 25% of such groups across England and Wales.

UK Power Networks' role in supporting community energy will take several forms: 

  1. Collaborate and innovate – we collaborate and innovate with community energy organisations to ensure our services respond to customer needs and we are always looking at new ways to support community energy growth. 
  2. Connect and flex – we facilitate quicker and cheaper connections of community energy projects to the network. We also enable new markets for flexible services like Demand Side Response where we will pay community energy projects for their surplus energy to support the management of our networks.
  3. Educate and support – we provide guidance on how communities can get involved in community energy and useful energy saving tips. We also help protect vulnerable customers during power cuts.

Find out how UK Power Networks is delivering a smart grid that supports community energy FutureSmart.