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Community Energy England is neither qualified nor authorised to offer investment advice. Nor has it vetted or endorsed any of the opportunities shown on this website. Those interested in participating should make their own assessment of each offer, should take note of any risk factors described in the documents, and may wish to take independent financial advice.

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Optimistic Foundation CIC /The Powerful Community Benefit Society - Community Share Offer - Power Station Movement

The Powerful Community Benefit Society are launching this community share offer in order to secure a former dairy/garage/ artist studios and turn it into the HQ of the growing POWER STATION movement.

The plan is for it to become a real asset of community value owned by and for the community and a space where art and imagination lead action on the intertwined crises of our time. 

Being part of a community share offer means investing to enable the urgent purchase of this building to happen. 


  • Shareholders are then voting members of the Co-op Society and get 4% interest on their investment. Video tour of the space below!
  • All shareholders will also get works of art we have made called Greenbacks - up to the value of their shares. (This is depending on us being successful - otherwise you get your money back.) Our work is collected in MoMA, The V&A, The British Museum and we have recently had a major exhibition at the Fitzwilliam in Cambridge exhibiting alongside Stik, Banksy and other amazing artists.
  • Community shares are withdrawable shares in The Powerful Community Benefit Society (a co-op) who will own the building freehold and rent the space out to Optimistic Foundation CIC (who will also sublet some spaces to other artists). 
  • The rents will be used to pay some interest to investors and cover costs and build a surplus to help develop energy-related projects. 


As the POWER STATION grows the need for space grows – to meet, to plan, to make and to organise together as a community.

We know from our recent expansion of the POWER STATION working with the local council and Repowering London that multiple community spaces are ‘set for redevelopment’ and all the organisations we work with from refugee story club ‘Stories and Supper’ to foodbanks are homeless or precarious. 

Space shouldn’t be a luxury – it is a necessity for the work of change, particularly when that work involves artistic production and an invitation into education and debate through thinking through making.  

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MaidEnergy Coop has launched its latest community share offer for a pioneering solar project

MaidEnergy Coop has launched its latest community share offer for a pioneering solar project - 240kW of solar PV on the roof of Furze Platt Senior School. This represents MaidEnergy’s biggest installation to date and will provide long-term, secure renewable energy supply to the school at a low cost. 

The school will receive a donation of shares in MaidEnergy, which will provide future income from interest payments and a cash benefit when the school requests to withdraw its share capital. MaidEnergy is even offering to donate the panels to the site after 15 years. Community Energy England has been pleased to support the group for many years. Since 2015, the group has raised £691k from 220 investors, installed 444kW of energy on 7 community buildings. 

Investing in MaidEnergy’s community share scheme will offer a projected annual return of 5% over the long term.

Members can invest £100 - £90,000. Offer closes 19th June or earlier if fully subscribed.
More info:

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Solar for Schools 8th Bond Offer

  • Up to 5% return on investment
  • Community solar and student education

With a track record of over £3 million fundraised and 90+ UK schools across the UK, Solar for Schools CBS has now launched its 8th Bond Offer!

This investment is geared towards community minded investors passionate about schools, solar and national climate education.

Invest today

You can also invest to support action for schools in the latest Bond Offer here.

Details include:

  • Up to 5% interest on investment
  • IFISIA and non-ISA eligible options
  • £500 minimum investment
  • 80+ UK schools track record
  • Supporting community solar and student education

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Big Solar Co-op Share Offer

Our new rolling share offer is open!Our first share offer ended in December 2022 with a total raised of £840k. This got us a long way down the road of what we needed to secure in order to deliver on our front runner sites. ut things are moving pretty fast in Big Solar Co-op land. With Dean (our new Client Lead) now in place we are progressing some very promising solar sites and we need to make sure we have the funds in place to finance them. We've seen a lot of interest in shares since we closed our first share offer so we are hopeful that this new offer will see a great take-up. 

There are a few changes to our share offer structure and terms. Firstly, we have revised our interest policy to be more in line with our governing document. We will now aim to pay interest of 5% (or 2% above the base rate if higher). This new policy applies to all shares including those already issued. We project that it will take a few years to ramp up interest payments to this level but we hope that the new target will help ethical investors to take the plunge. 

The other major change to our share offer is that it is now a rolling offer - there is no planned end date and we will issue shares on a quarterly basis.

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Brighton & Hove Energy Services Co-op

Brighton & Hove Energy Services Co-oop have launched a new share offer, raising funds to develop an exciting collection of clean energy projects that will drive down energy costs and carbon emissions in our community. By becoming an investor in their award-winning energy co-operative you will be supporting the UK's transition to low-carbon energy as well as receiving an attractive interest rate of 3% on your investment.

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Brighton Energy Cooperative

Brighton Energy Coop have launched their latest share offer - to fund 578kWp of new community-owned solar PV at Rathfinny Wine Estate in Sussex.

They have teamed up with Rathfinny - the latest of our more than 40 solar landlords - to host nearly 2000 solar panels. This will be BEC's biggest solar system to date and will generate power for the winery buildings, shop and accommodation. 

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Bath and West Community Energy

Bath and West Community Energy have a share offer which supports them to deliver clean local energy, community-owned for the common good.

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