The Voice of the Community Energy Sector

Community Energy England was established in 2014 as a not for profit organisation, set up to provide a voice for the community energy sector and help create the conditions within which community energy can flourish.

Who We Are

Community Energy England represents and supports those committed to the community energy sector. Community energy includes the delivery of community renewables, energy efficiency, demand reduction and energy supply projects.

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Community Data

We recently completed the most in-depth, first of its kind survey of the community energy sector in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. This culminated in the landmark State of the Sector Report.

The State of the Sector Report

Membership Benefits

We provide a clear voice for the sector that makes the case for change and helps create clarity within the sector for new entrants by linking, signposting and filling gaps. We represent communities at the national level, influencing decision makers and informing the energy debate.

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