State of the Sector 2021 launching 23 June - register for the launch event here

We would like to thank all of the organisations that took the time to submit a response to our survey this year, we are grateful for your time and your input.

State of the Sector is the most comprehensive dataset about the community energy sector. This year there are some exciting changes to the survey and resulting reports. Community Energy England and Community Energy Wales are working with Community Energy Scotland to open up the survey to include Scottish groups to ensure that an even more robust UK-wide evidence base is provided for why policy makers and other stakeholders should support and engage with community energy. There will be a standalone Welsh state of the sector report, funded by the Welsh Government, to explore in more detail community energy activity in Wales. We are also working with Electricity North West to produce a focused report for their distribution network area.

Previous reports have been used by local and national government, network operators, MPs, campaigning and environmental organisations, and many other organisations within the sector itself. The data underpins the work of Community Energy England, Scotland and Wales to support the sector and lobby for more supportive policies. Responses provided this year will be added to previous years’ data to form a comprehensive picture of the progress and impact of the incredible work happening across the community energy sector. This will allow the State of the Sector Report to once again educate and influence policy makers and sector stakeholders.

This year we are delighted to have chosen Regen to conduct the survey and analyse the data. Community Energy England, Wales and Scotland are very grateful for all responses and the time you give to complete the survey. We look forward to sharing the report with you on 23 June.

2020 State of the Sector Report

In June 2020, Community Energy England and Community Energy Wales published the Community Energy: State of the Sector 2020 Report. As with all three previous reports, we are hugely grateful for all the community energy organisations and practitioners who took the time to provide us with data about their activity.

You can download the 2020 Report and accompanying documents below, and view the 2019 Report and other Community Energy England publications here.