Case studies

Case studies give an insight into how projects operate and are invaluable for researchers and organisations looking to develop new projects. We are always looking for new case studies to share. Please contact us if you would like us to highlight your case study.

Solar Case Studies

Financing for Community Energy Projects - Triodos bank supported these community energy projects through their financing.  Triodos are able to provide loans from £1m – £20m for customers delivering this positive impact, with repayment terms of up to 25 years

CEE Annual Community Energy Awards & 2030 Vision 

Since 2015, Community Energy England has hosted an annual celebration and Awards event to celebrate the most outstanding contributions from across the community energy sector. CEE has also collated a number of fantastic case studies through our recent 2030 Vision project, which focused on creating reports and downloadable social media and presentation templates to envision the possibilities of the sector over the next decade. These case studies are avaliable for viewing through the following links

Net Zero Hubs and Community Energy South - RCEF Resource Bank

Short case studies of sampled projects have also been collated by Communiy Energy South and the Net Zero Hubs to share learning from across the 200+ projects iniated through the groundbreaking Rural Community Energy Fund programme (now closed). You can find these case studies, broken down by different regions. See our new Rural Community Energy Fund Resource Bank.

Broader Sector & UK Wide Contributions 

Distribution Network Operators