Membership benefits for community organisations

  • We help community groups identify the partners and sources of information and expertise they need to successfully develop and fund a project
  • Whatever information or guidance you may need for your development and projects, there’s a great chance that other members of CEE have it
  • We manage and facilitate a community members only Practitioner Forum which utilises cutting edge tools for discussion and decision making
  • We create and share notes from our events exclusively with our members
  • We promote current projects and funding opportunities, increasing the exposure of your activities
  • We press for policy and regulatory changes, respond to relevant policy consultations on behalf of members and provide input for your responses
  • We will be producing guidelines and best practice documents and working with partners to develop training programmes and peer mentoring
  • We work with local community energy networks and help them develop in regions where they are not yet established

Sounds good – where do we join?

If community energy is an important aspect of your activities, CEE is an invaluable network and people will expect you to be a member. Most of the most experienced participants in the sector are already CEE members.

CEE is recognised as the representative body to represent the community energy sector. We pro-actively develop new strategic approaches and have a significant influence on national policy development.

Community Energy England builds partnerships between community, commercial and public sector organisations. In particular, we can help communities join shared ownership projects.

All members benefit from discounts on our own events, and many other events too. They receive our frequent newsletters, and have their own newsshare offers and planning applications supported and publicised on social media and elsewhere.

The cost of community membership is dependent upon turnover.

Turnover range

Annual fee

Less than £20k


Less than £100k


£100k < £1 m



£1m < £10 m


£10m and over


* The concessionary Nil fee is offered on a trial basis and is intended for community groups at an early stage. After the first year to of membership, an annual administration fee of £25 will be charged, however, established community members with modest revenues are encouraged to agree to a fee of £150 per annum for the benefits of membership.

Principal Supporters

For those members who wish to contribute to and engage with CEE’s work further, we offer a Principal Supporter package for a fee of £5,000. Please see here for more information on this package.