Loomio is Community Energy England's national online platform for community energy practitioners and organisations. 

Here you can tap into a nationally connected network of groups with decades of expertise and skills!

  • move beyond emails and connect directly with the sector
  • ask questions, work through issues and challenges
  • offer assistance, share experience and talk openly 
  • share documents, videos and other resources 
  • feel part of the community 

Requesting to join the national forum

Loomio is currently open only to Community Members of Community Energy England. This is to provide a confidential space where practitioners can talk openly about their experiences and problems. 

  • If you are a Community Member of Community Energy England and would like to join the forum, you can request this here.
  • If you are not yet a Member of Community Energy England, please join us
  • For our Corporate, Public sector, Local Authority and Principal Supporter Members, find more on your membership here