Reports and publications by Community Energy England.

Community Energy in the North West - Sector Survey 2018 

Electricity North West will play a key role in the delivery of a future energy system in the North West of England. One of the ways they are leading the North West to zero carbon is to help people and businesses across the region to generate their own energy. Community Energy England, with support from Scene worked with Electricity North West to learn more about people and diversity within the community energy sector, the impacts and benefits of energy projects, the motivations and challenges faced and the future of the community energy sector.

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Community Energy Regional Research - The South, South East & London 

We partnered with Community Energy South and UK Power Networks, with support from Community Energy East and Community Energy London to conduct a survey of Community Energy groups in London and the East, South, South East of England to understand more about their needs and aspirations from industry and future energy networks.

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Community Energy: A Local Authority Perspective 

Alongside Community Energy England’s 2017 State of the Sector Report, a small sample of local authorities were surveyed to highlight their current community energy activities. With a growing national movement actively looking to produce and supply energy at a local level there is a clear need for both the community energy sector and local authorities to understand how they can, together, help advance and deliver powerful ‘local energy’ solutions.

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Community Owned Electrical Vehicle Chargers 

Community Energy England have produced a report looking at electric vehicle charging and the opportunities this can bring to community energy groups. With expert advice from Cenex and Gwent Energy CIC, this report should give some inspiration and suggestions for if EV charging is suitable for your community energy project to consider.

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Fuel poverty and what the Community Energy Sector is doing about it 

Using case studies, this report highlights how Community Energy groups are especially well placed to provide life-changing assistance to vulnerable households living in fuel poverty.

Themes: BHESCo, Brighton, PEC, Plymouth, Fuel Poverty, Warm & Well, Severn Wye Energy Agency

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Community Energy: Generating More Than Renewable Energy 

CEE surveyed its members to assess not only the impact of these proposed changes to the Feed in Tariff, but also the additional value that community energy projects had delivered along with the potential value of projects being developed. The results were startling.

Produced in partnership with Quantum Strategy and Technology.

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