Community Energy: Traversing Turbulent Times

30/04/2020 10.00-17.00

Community Energy England teamed up with Community Energy South to deliver an exciting and informative online webinar that will bring the community energy sector together on the 30th April.

You can find a write up from the event and presentations that we have permission to share here. Please note that although these notes are fairly comprehensive, they may not capture all of the discussion during the event. As highlighted during the conference, we planned to record the whole event. Unfortunately, the breakout sessions in the afternoon did not record but the morning session did. You can find that recording here on CEE's new YouTube channel

The event was aimed at community energy practitioners, local authority representatives, project developers, ancillary service providers, electric vehicle providers, storage providers, those interested in low carbon heat, ethical investors, community leaders and anyone interested in creating projects to tackle climate change.

Thanks to our sponsors, Co-op Community Energy this event was free to attend.

Midcounties Co-operative and Octopus Energy signed a strategic energy partnership in August 2019, which saw Octopus take on ownership and responsibility for the management and supply of energy for 300,000 customers formerly supplied by Co-op Energy, Flow and GB Energy. Part of this strategic partnership included the creation of Co-op Community Energy, a joint venture between the Midcounties Co-operative and Octopus Energy. Co-op Community Energy aims to provide vital support for community generation across Great Britain, drive investments in local communities and pay generators a fair price for the power they produce.

Community Power Tariff & Community Energy Fund

In January, Co-op Energy launched the new version of the Community Power tariff, a domestic supply tariff backed by the energy we are directly buying through PPAs from community energy projects across Great Britain plus fully carbon offsetting the gas through the charity Renewable World.

This tariff has been made possible by Co-op Community Energy purchasing electricity from community owned renewable sites (PPA’s), in which we pay a fair price to our community generators for their energy and will offer PPAs to any community owned site regardless of their size, giving greater market access. 

In addition, for every customer that signs up to the Community Power tariff we will donate £10 to go into our Community Energy Fund which is exclusive to Community Energy Groups and Organisations who are affiliates of Co-op Energy. The application window opens shortly and will close at the end of May. First distributions of the fund will be announced in June/July when three selected affiliates will each receive £2,500 to go towards their initiative/s outlined in their application.

For more details about how you can apply for this fund please contact .