Energy Crisis Talks: The Power and Possibility of Community Energy

10/11/2022 15:00 - 17:00

We invite our members to join us for an online discussion on solutions to the unprecedented energy cost increases and the impact of wider cost of living increases. 

Please note: If you have booked to attend this event, you should have already received an email from us. This event was due to take place in London as an in-person event, but due to the RMT moving the date of the next London Underground strike to 10 November, we have made the decision to move this event online. 

The conference will bring together practitioners and stakeholders around the country to share ideas, good practice and viable operational models for how community energy organisations can support our communities through the energy crisis.

For the revised event we will use the challenges and opportunities that attendees have already fed in, and we will be creating virtual breakout rooms to facilitate discussions. The four discussions will be as follows:

1. What does a pathway to delivering energy efficiency look like for community energy organisations new to this area of work? 

2. How can we evaluate our energy efficiency interventions and measure/model our impact more effectively? 

3. What kind of training and capacity building do community energy organisations need to scale up energy efficiency delivery? 

4. How can community energy organisations help make energy innovations (such as heat pumps/ networks, generation projects, thermal imaging, emergency 'first retrofit') work actively against (to counter/address) poverty and inequality?

You will be able to choose which conversation is most useful and relevant to you on the day. As well as the opportunity to connect and learn, your input and insights will directly shape CEE's strategic objectives and priorities for the year ahead.  

You can book your place here