Our fantastic members are busy engaging with their communitites, developing projects and helping the sector grow. This page lists events where our members will provide updates, stimulate debate and pass on their wealth of expertise. 

We also include selected events from organisations supportive of Community Energy England and the community energy sector as a whole.

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Westmill Wind Farm and Solar Park Virtual Tours

 07/01/2021  to 02/06/2021

Discover community energy in action! Our guides tell the history of our site and how the turbines/solar panels create clean green energy.

Approaching host sites webinar

 20/04/2021  18:30

Find out how we prepare to approach potential host sites with outline proposals and indicative solar array designs to see whether they are interested in taking a solar generation project forward with the Big Solar Co-op.

Decarbonisation of Heat Webinar

 20/04/2021  4pm-5:30pm

Find out more about the SunPeople project and zero carbon heating solutions with experiences from different low carbon heating projects.

Making local action on climate change happen! South Downs National Park

 20/04/2021  10 am

Hosted by Community Energy South, this one-day masterclass will equip you with the knowledge & skills to make a green difference in your local community

Community energy training session: How to get my rural community to net zero

 22/04/2021  2pm-4:30pm

This online training workshop from Regen is for anyone who’s interested in helping their rural community get to net zero and wants to know more about practical local energy projects to achieve this.

SDG13: (Climate) Driving Change and Innovation: Lessons from London 2012 and rail decarbonisation

 26/04/2021  6pm to 7.30pm

Join UNA (Harrogate) and our guest Emma Nicholson for this online event to learn climate lessons from London 2012 Olympics and Rail Decarbonisation

Big Solar Call

 13/05/2021  14:00

This is a regular chat style Zoom call where we will get together for an hour to discuss how things are evolving with the Big Solar Co-op and listen to suggestions and ideas from others. 


 14/09/2021  to 17/09/2021  10am - 5pm

The property event for a zero carbon future