Our fantastic members are busy engaging with their communitites, developing projects and helping the sector grow. This page lists events where our members will provide updates, stimulate debate and pass on their wealth of expertise. 

We also include selected events from organisations supportive of Community Energy England and the community energy sector as a whole.

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Westmill Wind Farm and Solar Park Virtual Tours

 07/01/2021  to 04/03/2021

Discover community energy in action! Our guides tell the history of our site and how the turbines/solar panels create clean green energy.

Low Carbon Hub Webinar Series

 12/01/2021  to 02/03/2021

Low Carbon Hub is hosting a series of webinars to introduce the work of Low Carbon Hub and what it intends to do with the investment from the Community Energy Fund 2021.

Power Shaper - The Flexible Energy Future

 18/01/2021  19:00

Carbon Coop's Power Shaper project is proving energy flexibility works! Your home energy system is the key to unlocking the smarter, greener energy future.

Community energy solar site spotting webinar

 19/01/2021  6.30-7.30pm

Hosted by Sharenergy, learn what makes a good potential site for a community solar rooftop PV installation and how the Big Solar Co-op works, without subsidies.

CE South Masterclass: UK Power Networks Open Source Energy Data - what's useful for CE organisations

 21/01/2021  10-11:30am

A tour of the data around electricity, heat and transport, to highlight what can be most useful for community energy organisations and answer questions about data and assumptions made for your locality.

British Renewable Energy Awards 2020

 26/01/2021  4pm-6pm

Organised by the REA, the British Renewable Energy Awards is the most prestigious event in the UK’s renewable energy industry calendar; recognising and celebrating the achievements of companies and individuals who have done something amazing in renewables or clean tech over the past year.

How to make your Victorian Home More Energy Efficient

 28/01/2021  18:00

An online webinar letting you know how to make your Victorian home more energy efficient.

Unlocking community-based flexibility to transform the energy system

 29/01/2021  9.00-11.00

During a 2 hours long webinar, RESCoop will clarify the scope of demand-side flexibility services and illustrate them with hands-on experiences.