Ventilation Bootcamp: why it matters and how to retrofit it

23/06/2023 12:00 - 13:00
Online (Zoom)

We all focus on insulation and stopping draughts in the energy efficiency advice we give, as the best way to reduce energy use at home. But an argument we often get is that insulation and draught-proofing create problems with condensation and poor air quality. Ventilation is a mystery to most of us - and energy efficient ventilation even more so, So how do we reduce heat loss and still provide good air quality and fresh air in homes?

Mark Thompson runs energy efficiency blog Get Energy Savvy and is an expert on indoor air quality and smart ventilation. Mark will give a 10 minute presentation on the options available to homeowners and the possibilities for retrofit and energy efficiency in ventilation.

Colm Watling is a Retrofit Co-ordinator with extensive social housing experience, and particularly in dealing with the problems of condensation, damp and mould. He will present some case studies demonstrating problems and solutions from his work in social housing.

Richard Kemp-Harper will give a short presentation on AirEx, which is a smart airbrick which can be easily retrofitted to replace existing airbricks and bedroom vents.

Vince House will introduce Aereco which develops innovative demand-controlled ventilation solutions for residential and office buildings with a key concept, the modulation of airflow rates according to the needs - eliminating the waste of passive ventilation with smarter technology.

Adam Bridgett from Heatstore & Addvent will give a short talk on their Addvent range with low energy, smart ventilation for bathrooms which provides a low cost, low regret and more energy efficient alternative to standard bathroom exhaust fans.

Q&A - 20-30 minute Q&A Panel session where attendees will get the opportunity to put your questions to the speakers. You’ll have the opportunity to send your questions in advance via the event registration process, or you can put them in the Chat during the event.

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