Big Solar Co-op and Meyer Burger Collaborate on Ethical Rooftop Solar Installation in the UK


The Big Solar Co-op, has joined forces with Meyer Burger, a leading Swiss company, to embark on an ambitious large-scale rooftop solar installation project. This groundbreaking endeavour marks the first time Meyer Burger panels will be utilised on such a scale within the UK, revolutionising the ethics and sustainability of solar generation in the country.

The global solar industry has been diligently addressing concerns regarding the transparency and ethics of its supply chain, particularly in light of China's dominance as a source of polysilicon, a vital material for solar PV manufacturing. Such concerns include forced labour and the high carbon footprint associated with panel production.

Meyer Burger is committed to using 100% renewable energy during the manufacturing process and sources a substantial portion of its polysilicon from Germany and South Korea. These high-tech panels, also certified free from lead and PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), boast recyclability at the end of their life cycle.

Co-founder of the Big Solar Co-op, Jon Hallé, expressed pride in pioneering the use of Meyer Burger panels in the UK market, stating, "Meyer Burger panels combine very high quality and efficiency with a serious claim to be both the most ethical and greenest panels in the UK market." This collaboration aligns perfectly with the Big Solar Co-op's commitment to environmental and social justice, as well as their active participation in the solar industry.

Scott McDaniel, Head of Sales UK & Ireland at Meyer Burger, shared his delight at partnering with the Big Solar Co-op, emphasising the company's dedication to cultivating a thriving solar PV industry in Europe. The UK solar installation, carried out in collaboration with the Big Solar Co-op, showcases their innovative approach to community-owned solar, empowering businesses and communities to enhance their energy independence.

The installation is taking place on the roof of Kerry T&N, a renowned food processing plant located in Tenbury Wells, Shropshire. With approximately 750 panels and a capacity of over 300kW, equivalent to more than one million miles driven in an electric vehicle per year, this sustainable solution significantly reduces the plant's carbon footprint while lowering energy costs. 

Kerry Baker, Plant Manager at Kerry T&N, expressed excitement about the new rooftop solar panels, stating, "We're very excited about our new rooftop solar panels which are cutting our carbon footprint as well as our energy bills, contributing to the future sustainability of the business." 

With over £1 million raised from more than 500 investors, the Big Solar Co-op is currently inviting further investments through a rolling share offer. The share offer aims to provide investors with a target annual return of 5%, or bank base rate + 2%, whichever is higher. The minimum investment is £100, while the maximum is £100,000. 

Jon Hallé expressed optimism about the future, stating, "We've got lots more large solar rooftops in our pipeline all across the country. Investing with us helps us unlock the huge potential of co-operatively-owned solar on community and commercial rooftops, powering the way forward to a low carbon future."

To learn more about this groundbreaking project and the Share Offer, please visit Big Solar Co-op website here.

Note: This news piece is based on a press release issued by the Big Solar Co-op and Meyer Burger.