Re-imagining community energy: A ten-year vision

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What do you want the next ten years of community energy to look like? CEE and Tyndall Manchester will be hosting a workshop at Community Energy England's annual conference, exploring alongside practitioners, a vision for community energy. CEE will use practitioners' input to develop a ten-year vision for the sector.

If you are a community energy practitioner who wants to input please fill out this google form! These questions are only a starting point, CEE will be hosting more opportunities for in-depth consultation over the coming months. 

The vision will be important for the sector as it will showcase our ambition for community energy in the next ten years and will be used to help increase understanding and support from the public, politicians and stakeholders. A vision developed by community energy practitioners will provide a unified voice for the sector and be used in ongoing communications for lobbying, policy development and collaborations. It will also be used to help to demonstrate the larger role of community energy.

If you have any questions or want to know more  please email Jeana at