Community Energy Fortnight launches and funds


The first part of our annual Community Energy Conference was held on 12 June - we are working on the video and will have this up on our YouTube channel soon.

You can read more about and register for Part 2 of the Community Energy Conference on 29 June here.

At Part 1, several organisations launched or promoted new funds and useful publications, so we've gathered them all here (in no particular order!):

Transforming Energy: The Power of Local

Bristol Energy Network has developed a toolkit for community groups and local authorities, to help support community groups and local authorities develop their shared journeys to local energy. With limited resources, collaboration is key; identifying how community groups and the local authority can help shape and deliver objectives together makes us all stronger and more effective.

The toolkit presents a variety of case studies of projects where community groups and local authorities have successfully worked together from Bath and West Community Energy to the Bristol Community Energy Fund and there is a step-by-step guide for getting going following a formula that we found has worked. The toolkit was created in collaboration with Community Energy England and Bristol City Council - you can download it here or find out more here.

Getting Started: How-to Guide for Setting Up a Community Energy Group In London

Community Energy London have created a brilliant How To guide for setting up a community energy group in London - access it here.

Guide to Setting up a Local Authority Community Energy Fund

Community Energy London have also worked with Islington Council to create a guide to setting up a local authority community energy fund, based on experiences of the Islington Community Energy Fund that aims to support community-led innovative low-carbon energy projects that benefit Islington residents, particularly the fuel poor.

The guide articulates the benefits to councils and includes lots of practical guidance, so it will be useful to local authority staff working on this kind of initiative to support the community energy sector and to other groups hoping to persuade their local authority to create a fund. Download the guide here.

Charge My Street

Charge My Street is a community benefit society that installs and operates community chargepoints, raising money through community shares. They have launched a fund supporting community organisatitions to install electric vehicle charging points - click here to find out more and download the application form.