Community Shares Research Project


The Community Shares Unity (CSU) - a joint initiative by Co-Operatives UK and Locality - is asking organisations to participate by doing the following by Sunday 29h March 2020:

  • Complete the survey on behalf of your organisation, it takes between 10-15 minutes and is accessible via a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Simply follow the link below: 

  • Invite your community shares investors to take part too. Please help your members to have their say too by sending on the survey link and encouraging them to take part. If your investors participate in the survey and refer to your organisation in their response, we will aggregate their data and share those findings with you. We hope that such information would be a helpful insight into the characteristics and motivations of your shareholders and be helpful to the ongoing running of your organisation.

About the survey

The questionnaire is being administered by IFF Research, an independent research organisation, on behalf of CSU. All the information you provide will be held confidentially and used for research purposes only. 

It will not be possible to identify any organisations, groups or individual respondents in published results. Under data protection law you will have the right to have a copy of your data, change your data, or withdraw from the research at any point. For more information, please see the IFF research website, at 

If you experience any technical problems, or have any queries on the survey, please contact the IFF research team on or 020 7250 3025. If you would like to verify the authenticity of this survey, please contact Isla McCulloch at the Community Share Unit on