Cutting carbon emissions and energy usage in Brighton & Hove


Community-based green energy business BHESCo has a great track record of delivering low-carbon energy projects and helping people reduce energy usage, which has the double benefits of cutting harmful CO2 emissions while addressing fuel poverty.  

Their latest share offer is giving people the opportunity to invest from £250 to support the launch of a further  9 much-needed renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in the Brighton, Hove and Lewes area, that will cut carbon emissions by over 1,300 tonnes.

Through the share offer, ethical investors can support BHESCo to deliver the projects listed below:

  • Rooftop solar energy for 5 schools 
  • Energy efficiency measures and renewable heat for The Unity Centre, Lewes
  • Rooftop solar energy and an air source heat pump for Bunker Housing Co-op in Brighton
  • Solar energy for Franklins Brewery, Ringmer which will support the sustainable production of their ale

Patcham Junior is one of the schools set to benefit from solar from investments in the share offer. Their Head Teacher says:

“We're really excited about having the panels installed. We were proud to share earlier last term that we had the first qualified Climate Change teacher in Brighton and Hove working at Patcham Junior School and we are looking forward to taking a big step towards our environmental goals with the solar panel installation. For us as a school, apart from the financial benefits of lower-cost energy, we will be able to share the project details with our pupils and ensure that they remain enthused about reducing our negative impacts on the planet.”

Kayla Ente, CEO and founder of BHESCo said:

“BHESCo is all about looking at the big picture and offering a grassroots, integrated

Service, I set the business up to bring the community together, strengthening our social bonds, taking real action to solve the climate crisis and alleviate fuel poverty.”

You can find more information on the BHESCo share offer at here.

Please be aware that with investments of this type your capital is at risk and returns are not guaranteed.