Daylight Robbery


You may be aware, the government is planning to scrap the Export Tariff for new solar installations from April next year - this is on top of cutting the Feed In Tariff.

The export tariff is not a subsidy. It’s a payment to households and communities for the excess energy that they send to the grid for others to use. Without it, people will be forced to donate this energy to the grid for free. This isn’t just unfair, it’s quite literally daylight robbery!

The number of UK solar installers has already halved since 2016. 80% of installers now expect job losses. The Solar Trade Association expects a 75% reduction in already much reduced installation rates if nothing changes.

So far, 6,000 people have written to their MPs, asking them to tell the energy minister and the secretary of state to keep the export tariff. We think they will be making their decision in the next couple of weeks, so we need to act now.