How to get involved


We are delighted that you want to be involved in Community Energy Fortnight 2021. 

Community Energy Fortnight is a cornerstone of the sector's calendar, uniting the sector and reaching over 20,000 people through events and launches and a multi-platform social media campaign. This year, the theme of #WeThePower will be used to highlight the inspirational achievements of the community energy sector and attract new people to the movement. 

You can get involved in five key ways:

Make a film

2021 is a year dominated by thinking and action around COP26. We want to utilise COP26 to shout on a global stage about the impacts community energy has made in the UK. We encourage community energy organisations to make a 1-3 minute film during CEF2021, focusing on the benefits created by their community energy projects, which we can all share in the lead up to and during COP26 and Great Big Green Week later in the year. This is a unique opportunity, we need to harness it. If we do this as a movement, we can share updates as we film content, as well as tips and tricks for making the most impactful films possible. 

Remember, MPs want to appear especially green this year so consider inviting your MP to be a part of the film. 

Watch some of the videos from last year here.

Organise an event 

Webinars are a great way of engaging, learning and sharing experiences during social distancing. You could even record your webinar or podcast so people can engage in their own time! Is there a topic you think will be of use for community energy organisations, or a topic you think that the sector should engage with? Hosting a webinar or creating a resource is a great way to curate this conversation and connect.

Get involved on social media

During Community Energy Fortnight, use the #WeThePower and #CEF2021 hashtag to share online why you are a passionate supporter of community energy, why is it important to you and what you'd like to see from the sector going forwards? Follow us on our Twitter / FacebookLinkedIn accounts and feel free to share what we and the sector are sharing! If you use the hashtags, we will share your posts. 

Launch an initiative or fund

In the past we have seen some fantastic initiatives launches as part of Community Energy Fortnight. For example:

  • Greater London Authority launched its London Community Energy Fund
  • The nationwide matching making service PowerPaired was launched. PowerPaired brings building and landowners together with community energy organisations

Is there something you are working on that is relevant for Community Energy? Get them engaged by launching it during Community Energy Fortnight!

Write a blog and share your thoughts

Community Energy Fortnight has been lucky enough to have hosted some insightful blogs in the past and we would love to hear from you!