Joint response to the Smart Export Guarantee consultation


Along with Community Energy Scotland & Community Energy Wales, we responded to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy's consultation on a Smart Export Guarantee.

The key points we make are as follows.

Read our full response here

We welcome the government’s intention to provide a mechanism to ensure that small generators are paid for the production of electricity; but the Smart Export Guarantee is likely to have a marginal impact on incentivising new small-scale generation and, as currently conceived, will not lead to new community energy developments.

We urge BEIS to now develop measures specifically designed to enable new community energy projects to meet the potential they have to drive the development of a more localised smart energy system. A more detailed rationale and recommended measures are included in our response to question 7.

We would be pleased to assist in a specific, time-limited exercise to scope how a ‘Smart Community Energy Export Guarantee’ could work.

Our conclusion is that the SEG as currently conceived does very little to meet community energy requirements: the proposals do not offer a viable way forward for community energy projects. We would be pleased to assist BEIS in developing alternative support mechanisms or a ‘Community Energy SEG’ to give the boost to the sector which it urgently needs.