NEA Fuel Poverty Monitor 2020: Covid-19 Call For Evidence


Our friends at National Energy Action (NEA) recognise that many organisations and their staff are working tirelessly to provide appropriate support and services to fuel-poor households during the COVID-19 outbreak. NEA has been capturing their staff’s feedback on the early impacts COVID-19 is having on vulnerable customers’ access to support and they would like to deepen their understanding on this critical area by capturing views from the community energy sector via this survey. They are particularly interested in the energy (including electricity, gas, oil and other fuels) and water markets.

This year’s Fuel Poverty Monitor will provide an early analysis, with the data available, of the impact of Covid-19 on fuel-poor households including where possible:

  • How Covid-19 has impacted on Governments, private companies, charities and communities working to support fuel poor households.
  • What decisions and actions organisations have made to mitigate the impacts on households, and whether there have been indications of the effectiveness of such support provided to vulnerable groups, including those living in fuel poverty
  • The direct impact of Covid-19 on fuel-poor households according to our stakeholders and organisations that deliver services or support to energy consumers
  • Any observed impacts on fuel-poor households of any hiatus on BAU policy making
  • An assessment on what lessons can be learnt from this crisis in the context of protecting vulnerable energy consumers from similar crises in the future

NEA will use the findings of this survey to inform their upcoming report and for the more immediate purpose of feeding the findings back to the industry, government and Ofgem to ensure better outcomes for the households that they help.

The survey can be completed within 20 minutes but could take longer if you have the time to input more detailed information in the comment boxes at the start. Here, you will have the opportunity to share any ways in which you have adapted as an organisation to better help households during this crisis.

You can access the survey here

If possible, please respond by close of business on: 29th May 2020.

Please Note - Once you leave the survey platform you will not be able to re-enter. Please therefore try to complete your entire response in one browser session. If you need to take a break, please leave your browser window open. If you are completing the survey on behalf of a number of people within your organisation, NEA can provide a PDF version of the document to enable you to collate feedback from across your organisation. Please email NEA to request this.