New opportunity for Oxfordshire residents to put their money to work tackling climate change


Press release from Low Carbon Hub

Low Carbon Hub's Community Energy Fund re-opened for new investment on 10 March 2020. They are inviting local people to join over 1,000 existing investors in the Low Carbon Hub by investing. They’ll put their money to work tackling climate change – helping us to make an energy system that works for all of us, and for the planet, a reality.

Deadline: 10 June 2020

Target raise: £1.5 million

Minimum investment: £250

Maximum investment: £100,000

Interest rate: % (capped at 4% for the first 4 years)

Low Carbon Hub opened the Community Energy Fund to pledges on 14 February, asking people to make a pledge to invest when they re-opened the Fund. We were blown away with the response to this, and they are thrilled to have ~£250,000 already pledged.

Why we need investment

What can I do about the climate crisis? It’s the question we’re all asking ourselves.

We each try to do our bit, with our time, our choices and our money. These small steps all help, but we also need large-scale change – ambitious new ideas and approaches. Here at the Low Carbon Hub we’re already at the heart of a growing partnership of people and organisations across Oxfordshire, working together, for a low carbon future. And this success means we can do even more. We’re pioneering a bold new way to tackle one of the biggest challenges of all – how to accelerate the transition to a zero carbon energy system and stop our reliance on burning fossil fuels for energy.

There’s so much opportunity. But we need investment to make it happen – without it, this innovation simply isn’t possible.

Our Community Energy Fund is the investment opportunity that puts your

money to work delivering local projects to tackle climate change, and pays

you interest in return for your support. We’re inviting investors to invest in our Community Energy Fund, to:

  • Earn up to 5% interest (capped at 4% for the first 4 years of investment)
  • Help fund more community energy projects across Oxfordshire
  • Keep money in the local economy through community ownership
  • Support local action to tackle the global climate crisis

The money invested in the fund is used to grow our portfolio of community renewable energy projects in Oxfordshire, allowing us to generate more green energy and to deliver ground-breaking collaborative partnerships which are accelerating the transition to a zero carbon energy system. More information on how we will use the money invested can be found in our Share Offer Document, available online.

Since its inception in 2018, we’ve already raised over £1.5 million through the Community Energy Fund, bringing the total amount invested to almost £6 million, with over 1,000 investors.


“Climate change is a global crisis that needs local solutions. We invite you to

invest in the Community Energy Fund and become part of the solution.” – Barbara Hammond MBE, CEO of the Low Carbon Hub

“It is a really special feeling when you go out of your house and you actually see projects in Oxfordshire that you’ve helped to make happen.” – Jenny, Low Carbon Hub investor

“I chose to invest in the Low Carbon Hub because I’m really passionate about doing something to lower our carbon emissions and I’m very impressed by the real projects that I’ve seen come to fruition around the county, from schools to other community projects. It’s great to be part of it.” – Karen, Low Carbon Hub investor