On the path to net zero: community energy


This blog was written by Energy Saving Trust during Community Energy Fortnight. Read the full blog here.

Are there public buildings in your community, like schools or sports clubs, that could have solar PV panels on the roof? Or do you have a natural resource nearby, like a river or a windy hilltop, that could be used to generate electricity with a hydro project or wind turbine?

That’s what community energy is all about: a group of people coming together, taking action and using local resources to reduce, manage or generate their own energy.

A community energy project can happen anywhere, from remote villages to city neighbourhoods. And it can involve anything from installing a wind turbine, to running an awareness campaign about energy efficiency.

With support from Energy Saving Trust, communities across the UK have been turning their projects into reality. And there are all sorts of benefits, including reducing carbon emissions.

So, in the latest in our series of blogs about the path to reaching net zero emissions by 2050, we wanted to share some of the exciting and inspiring work happening in communities in Wales and Scotland...

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