POWER UP: OVO joins Community Energy England to kickstart ambition to power thousands more homes with renewables


POWER UP: OVO joins Community Energy England to kickstart ambition to power thousands more homes with renewables

  • OVO launched Plan Zero, its sustainability strategy, in 2019 with the ambition of leading the transition to a zero carbon energy system.

  • OVO was the first supplier to commit £1m funding to support subsidy free renewable energy.

  • OVO aims to stimulate further growth in the renewable energy sector, moving the UK further towards its net zero targets.

OVO has joined Community Energy England's membership as a Principal Supporter, with the aim of providing the sector with enhanced levels of support for community-led projects and powering more homes across the UK with renewable energy.

Community Energy England is a not for profit organisation that represents and supports 310 community energy organisations and other stakeholder organisations who are delivering community-led renewable energy, energy demand reduction and energy advice services across England. 

By becoming a principal supporter of Community Energy England, OVO is demonstrating its commitment to support the growth of the sector  helping  projects secure additional revenue. This includes providing community energy organisations access to subsidy free PPAs, which could make the difference between renewable energy developments going ahead or not.   

OVO was the first supplier to commit funding to specifically support subsidy free generation, helping to incentivise more small-scale, independent wind and solar farms by offering them an above market price for the electricity they generate.

The initiative’s aim is to create a thriving market that will directly drive new investment in renewable assets in the UK, supporting the UK’s net zero goals. 

The announcement follows the news of two deals to power thousands of homes. Last month, OVO signed two new Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with new subsidy free onshore wind generators. The green energy supplier has signed contracts to buy renewable electricity from Genatec’s Pond Farm Wind project and Ambition Community Energy C.I.C.

Stephen Harris, VP of Energy, OVO Energy said:

“We’re committed to supporting investment in renewable energy generation and community projects across the UK. I am delighted to partner with Community Energy England and support new independent renewable generation, supporting the UK’s net zero goals and removing our reliance on a fossil fuel dominated energy system.”

Philip Coventry, Head of Operations, Community Energy England said: 

''We are delighted to welcome OVO Energy to our Principal Supporter Membership. We're looking forward to helping the OVO team with their initiatives to support the growth of community energy by providing the sector with more investment and enhanced levels of support. With ongoing cooperation we are confident that OVO’s engagement with community energy will facilitate new opportunities that will benefit the whole sector and its growth.''