Social distancing and the impact on fuel poverty work


Many people in our communities will be seriously impacted by government guidance during the crisis, being confined to hard and costly to heat homes, being unable to access services or support especially if they are ill. Many CEE members are already delivering fuel poverty and energy efficiency services but this will be more difficult due to the need for social distancing.

This may be an opportunity for community energy organisations to pioneer models of community support that can be replicated through other organisations and community networks, for example delivering cards with contact details of neighbours who are willing and able to deliver support (see here), setting up WhatsApp groups, offering DIY energy efficiency advice over social media. 

The UK government has agreed measures with the energy industry to support vulnerable people through COVID-19; community energy organisations are likely to be in the best position to help vulnerable people access this support. If you come up with good ideas please do share widely, including with us and we'll include them in future newsletters.