Social Media


Social media is a fantastic resource and a great way of sharing your passion for community energy. You can do it all from your own home! The theme for Community Energy Fortnight is #WeThePower and we hope you will use this hashtag to connect with other community energy enthusiasts via social media.

Use #WeThePower and #CEF2021 to share stories on social meda about why you are passionate about community energy, community energy's role in rebuilding a better world and your ambitions for 2030! This covid crisis has reinforced the importance of community strength and we should use this time to explore how to build back better and stronger!

Don't forget to tag our accounts on Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn and make sure you let CEE know about the video so we can promote it.

Some suggested posts are:

  • Across the UK, communities are working together to combat fuel poverty #CEF2021 #WeThePower
  • We've been working to alleviate the impact of COVID19, read our story here *insert link to your website, or send us your story so we can host it for you!* #CEF2021 #WeThePower
  • Community energy helps reduce energy bills, supports the local economy & cuts CO2 emissions #CEF2021 #WeThePower
  • What lessons have community energy organisations learned from COVID19? Share your story with us! #CEF2021 #WeThePower
  • Why are you passionate about community energy and what are the positive impacts of it? *Answer in a tweet!* #CEF2021 #WeThePower
  • What are you organisations community energy ambitions for the next decade? *Answer in a tweet! Link to the Community Energy Vision to 2030* #CEF2021 #WeThePower
  • Community energy could contribute 3000MW, power 1.3 million homes, create 5000 jobs, save 1 million tones of CO2 emissions and add over £1 billion to the economy according to WPI modelling. *Answer in a tweet!* #CEF2021 #WeThePower